You’re the Worst’s charming combination of witty banter, anti-social rants, and idiosyncratic pop-culture diatribes is a key component to its success, but what makes this series truly unique is the way it deftly balances its acerbic edge with a stealthy optimistic soul. Gretchen and Jimmy are damaged not shattered. Bent not broken. Both characters, despite their plethora of interpersonal maladies, are battling against their own jaded nature in an attempt to make this relationship work. Love, in the absolute best and worst way possible, is both messy and absurd. YTW doesn’t inauthentically celebrate this notion as much as it realistically embraces it.

How FX’s ‘You’re the Worst’ quietly became the best new comedy on television | Splitsider


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Co-co-signed. Why aren’t you watching this show already?

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Something is coming…

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The Avengers as a 70s cop show

I’d watch this show.

Zodiac is kinda cheating.

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You know the real hero of Homeland is Maggie Mathison.

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This is everything.

This is everything.

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